Southeast Asia Travel Guide

Asia is too massive, complex, and diverse to try and cover it as a ‘single’ travel destination. Usually divided into 6 regions, we put our focus on Southeast Asia and the popular travel destinations in that region. Traveling to Southeast Asia is like a dream come true.

Get Directions Asia

Get Directions Asia uses the combination of a places directory, an events section, a list of attractions, and compact travel guides to give you directions on where to stay, what to do, where to eat, health and beauty places, nightlife venues, services, and shopping destinations in Southeast Asia.

Places in Southeast Asia

Places in Southeast Asia are divided into accommodation (where to stay), activities (what to do), eateries (where to eat), health and beauty, nightlife, services and shopping destinations.

Get Directions Asia offers a unique places directory featuring comprehensive information including contact information, descriptions, slideshows, facilities, links to websites and social networks, videos, reviews, related events, and interactive maps with get directions to local businesses and services.

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Upcoming Events in Southeast Asia

Stay up-to-date with Get Directions Asia’s comprehensive list of events in Southeast Asia. Not only do we cover annual events, we also highlight daily, weekly and monthly happenings. Whether day or night, there is always something happening.

Add Your Events

Add your Southeast Asia related business with one of the paid place packages and add unlimited events. Events are divided into parties, DJ performances, live music, food specials, drink specials, quiz nights, comedy nights, sports events and charity events.

Attractions in Southeast Asia

Beaches, viewpoints, temples, landmarks, markets, shopping malls and national parks are just a few of the many attractions that Southeast Asia has to offer. Some of these are free to visit at any time, others have entrance fees and specific visiting hours and some are only accessible during certain months of the year.

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Explore Southeast Asia

Eleven countries are spread out over an area of 4.5 million square kilometers and they welcome their visitors in style. The most friendly people in the world, great food that leaves not one single taste-bud untouched, stunning landscapes, tropical islands, amazing nightlife, and an awful lot of things to do.

Each destination or travel guide is divided in the same categories used in our places directory, making it easier to find what you are looking for in just a few clicks. Accommodation (where to stay), activities (what to do), eateries (where to eat), health and beauty, nightlife, services and shopping are divided into separate sections per destination and linked with the related place listings, upcoming events, and attractions offering all the information you need to know on one single page at a time.

Southeast Asia Travel Guides

Get Directions Asia offers concise and compact travel guides of the major cities, towns and vibrant villages across Southeast Asia, giving you an insight into their history, helpful tips, what to see, where to go, where to eat and what to do. Each destination has its own unique draw and boast attractions that beckon investigation; you’ll find exactly which parts of Southeast Asia suit your individual interests and tastes best.

Whether you enjoy basking in the sunshine on the beach, participating in energetic activities, sampling the delights of Asian cuisine, taking advantage of the extensive shopping opportunities, or experiencing Souteast Asia’s renowned nightlife, we’ll show you exactly where to go for what.

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