Karon Viewpoint

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Modified on March 20, 2020

Known to local Thais as “Khao Saam Haad” (Three Beaches Hill), the Karon Viewpoint showcases stellar views of the 8 kilometer stretch of Kata Noi, Kata and Karon beaches as well panoramic views of the Andaman Sea. The Karon Viewpoint is just south of Kata Noi Beach, located on the mountain shortcut road from Kata to Nai Harn. The viewpoint is a bit of a hot spot. It is busy most days of the year, and is a staple on many Phuket package tour itineraries.

The sweeping views from the Karon Viewpoint are some of the most photographed images of the island. Looking north from the viewpoint, the Andaman Sea glistens, the beaches proudly showcase their white sand, and the hills are lush and green. Karon Viewpoint truly is an iconic spot for a photograph.

Aside from the views, there is not much else at the viewpoint. During the day, there are a few vendors selling snacks and drinks, but once the sun sets the place empties quickly. If you find yourself visiting the Karon Viewpoint around midday, there is a gazebo that provides a bit of welcome shade from the heat.

Open daily, the Karon Viewpoint is about a ten minute drive to both the Kata and Nai Harn neighborhoods, passing elephant camps, reggae bars and a few restaurants with a view along the way.

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