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    Southeast Asia Travel Guides

    We have compiled concise and compact travel guides of the major cities, towns and vibrant villages across Southeast Asia, giving you an insight into their history, helpful tips, what to see, where to go, where to eat and what to do.
    Modified on September 12, 2020
    Each has their own unique draw and all boast attractions that beckon investigation; you’ll find exactly which parts of Southeast Asia suit your individual interests and tastes best. Whether you enjoy basking in the sunshine on the beach, participating in energetic activities, sampling the delights of Asian cuisine, taking advantage of the extensive shopping opportunities, or experiencing Souteast Asia’s renowned nightlife, we’ll show you exactly where to go for what.


    For centuries, Thailand has been a destination of choice attracting travelers from across the globe to explore its diversity, friendliness and charm. Thailand’s wide variety of activities and things to do is always worth being somewhere on your bucket list no matter what you are looking for: beautiful art and culture, a quite nature retreat, crazy nightlife, luxury getaway, or even shopping extravaganza. The nation, with a population of about 68 million, 77 provinces and covering 513,120 square kilometer, is developed into a growing industrial country and a major exporter in the 90’s. Its economy leading factors are manufacturing, agriculture and tourism. Thailand, aka Siam until 1939, has a long and interesting history of more than 700 years during a period of four different dynasties: Sukhothai, Ayutthaya, Thonburi and the current (constitutional) monarchy Rattanakosin.

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